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Recruitment processYour location : Recruitment process


Recruitment and hiring process description:
1 the employer departments need to increase staff, fill out the "application form" submitted to the personnel requirements, submitted to the human resources department to review whether internal redeployment or needed outside the general manager for approval.
2 the human resources department to formulate recruitment plans.
More than 3 channels to release the recruitment information, recruitment network, field, entrust, campus recruitment.
4 the human resources department is responsible for the trial of the applicants age, work experience, identity documents, to affirm the applicants professional skills and qualifications of personnel department.
5 by general manager defines the wage (timing, piece rate) and the probation period wages, the human resources department is responsible for handling the new entry procedures, establish employee personal file.
6 new recruitment of personnel shall undergo the three level education and training, training of qualified before induction.
7 The employing department according to the required skills assessment of new staff, qualified persons to be formally employed, unqualified person if can be transferred, shall be submitted to the human resources department review, to be approved by the general manager turnover use, or be dismissed.
The end of 8 the probation period of qualified personnel positive posts and will be paid into the normal management.